Translation conference 2013

Crime in Translation

Saturday 9th November
Park Building
University of Portsmouth

The translation of crime fiction is all around us, from the current wave of Scandinavian and European crime novels, film and television to recent screen adaptations of classic crime fiction such as Sherlock Holmes.

It’s not only in fiction that translation meets crime. The police and the courts rely heavily on public service interpreters and translators. Translation itself is criminalised in various ways, e.g. in relation to copyright infringement, legal proceedings against translators of ‘problematic’ texts and various forms of piracy.

The 2013 Portsmouth Translation Conference brought the different facets of translation and crime together in an interdisciplinary one-day conference, allowing exchange of ideas between translators, criminologists, interpreters, literary scholars and translation researchers.

Plenary Speakers

  • Dr Karen Seago
    (City University, London)
  • Dr Yvonne Fowler
    (Aston University)


Some of the topics included were:

  • the challenges of translating crime fiction
  • subtitling and dubbing thrillers
  • crime, translation and the law
  • the role of translation and interpreting in criminal justice

A selection of papers will be published in Jostrans, issue 22, July 2014

Watch Katie Santos deliver her paper, 'Interpreting in the Justice Sector in England in 2013: The perspective of a court and police interpreter'

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