Translation conference 2014

From classroom to workplace

14th Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference, 8 November 2014

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Christina Schäeffner
  • Anu Carnegie-Brown (STP Operations Manager and ELIA Exchange Coordinator UK)
Translation conference 2014

About the Conference

Translation Studies is always at the meeting point of theory and practice. Professional practice affects and influences the paradigms within the discipline. Translation teaching ideally draws from both the academic discussion of translation and the professional needs of the translation industry. In the current economic climate, translation is one of the subjects at university which offers students key employability. But how do they fare when they go out into the real world of freelance work or into in-house positions? How does translation relate to other transferable skills? At the same time, how does translation practice relate to the rest of the curriculum and wider concerns within the humanities? Can these concerns be reconciled with professional practice?

The goal of this conference was to bring together translator trainers, academics, translation professionals and students in a dialogue about how translation students become translators and the relationship between professional practice and the academic environment. The programme is still available: Portsmouth Translation Conference 2014 programme

Download presentation slides

DescriptionFile Size
Success from the word 'Go' Lucy Brooks .pdf, 562KB
Technological competence in translation training: between models and reality Ilaria Cennamo .pdf, 1650KB
Man vs. Machine (Translation): MT as a Tool for Translators Iulianna Ciudin and Frieda Steurs .pdf, 1638KB
Cracking the Code: How Codes of Conduct Can Promote Translators’ Professional Development Janet Fraser .pptx, 639KB
Mentoring, Internships and Placements: What can the Professionals offer? Sarah Griffin-Mason .pdf, 585KB
Towards a Blended Education Model for the European Placement Scheme for Translation Students Don Kiraly and Sascha Hoffman .pdf, 361KB
Students and Professional Practice: structuring intracurricular interactions Gary Massey and Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow .pdf, 1761KB
Developing a new curriculum model for postgraduate translator training Maria Sánchez, Chus Fernandez, Kim Langtree and Helen Astley .pdf, 368KB
Bridging professional practice and education: The Translation Business Project at the University of Exeter Isabel Santafé .pdf, 925KB
Business Skills Provision in Postgraduate Translation Courses Karen Stokes .pdf, 202KB
Self-presentation of Conference Interpreters in Social Media Susi Winkler and Michaela Feigl .pptx, 1595KB