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What happens when the University receives my application?

When you apply to the University of Portsmouth, the University's Admissions teams will carefully consider your application.

Each application is assessed individually and in accordance with our Admissions Policy.

The University is committed to treating all candidates fairly, recognising cultural and social diversity and the importance of academic and other achievement in preparing students to undertake undergraduate study.

How do I make changes to my application?

If you have changed postal address, e-mail address or telephone number, please log into your Track account via the UCAS website and update your details there.

If you did not apply through UCAS and applied to us directly, please e-mail and we will update your application for you.

Please also let us know immediately if your exam subjects or grades change as this may affect any decision we make.

What support can I get if I have a disability or special need?

We are committed to fair admission practice and welcome applications from people with disabilities.

During the application process the University considers all relevant information about your disability and needs and, where possible, aims to provide relevant support. Information regarding disability has no bearing on the academic assessment of an application.

Our Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC) can give you more information and they encourage you to contact them at the earliest point in your application process so they can get an understanding of your needs.

I will be under the age of 18 at the start of term. What do I need to do?

We consider you on the basis of your academic attainment and potential to benefit from your chosen course, irrespective of your age on entry. We may, however, regard some courses inappropriate for certain ages.

I have been contacted regarding a criminal conviction. What should I do next?

Applications from candidates with relevant criminal convictions will be carefully considered in accord with the University’s Policy for the Admission of Applicants and Students with a Criminal Record.

If you have been contacted regarding a criminal convictions, please follow the instructions contained in the email.

Will I pay the home or international rate of tuition fees?

Please see our page on Fee Assessment.

I have been notified by UCAS that my personal statement is plagiarised. What should I do?

Since September 2007, all personal statements supporting applications to higher education processed through UCAS have been checked with a specially developed version of the similarity detection system, Copycatch.

Each incoming personal statement is compared against a library of personal statements already in the UCAS system, and a library of sample statements collected from a variety of websites and other sources, including paper publications. After it has been processed, each new personal statement is added to the library.

Any statements showing a potential level of similarity of 10% or greater will be reviewed by members of the UCAS Similarity Detection Service. Institutions will be notified on a daily basis of any cases where there are reasonable grounds to suspect collusion. Applicants will also be notified that the UCAS Similarity Detection Service has identified their personal statement as potentially plagiarised. The decision about what action, if any, to take regarding notified cases rests with the individual institutions.

I am a mature applicant. Will my application be considered any differently?

More than a 25 per cent of our current students are ‘mature’ which means aged 21 and over. We welcome mature students from a wide variety of backgrounds and qualification ranging from A Levels to Access and Foundation courses.

We don’t require mature students to have the same academic qualifications as school-leaving applicants but we do expect you to show enthusiasm, motivation and aptitude for your chosen subject.

Our Admissions Team staff are able to advise on individual applications and admission arrangements.

Widening Participation

The University welcomes applications from motivated candidates from all backgrounds. We recognise that student potential is not always to be seen within formal academic qualifications and particularly welcome applications from individuals from backgrounds that are under-represented within higher education.