University of Portsmouth Ageing Network

Knowledge exchange

‘Knowledge exchange’ (or ‘knowledge transfer’) is about applying our skills, expertise, and understanding to practical uses in ‘real-world’ settings and situations. Some examples of the types of activities we have going on in this area are:

  • Creating a smart phone ‘App’ for voice control training for people with Parkinson’s Disease (Roger Eglin);
  • Monitoring systems for independent living, for example creating ‘off-the-shelf’ technological devices which can detect falls, inactivity, fire, leaks, intruders, etc. (Djamel Azzi);
  • Portsmouth Intergenerational Project for Pensioners and Youths (PIPPY), in which pensioners teach students culinary skills in exchange for computer training;
  • Local Healthwatch in which the University of Portsmouth has been partnering with the Learning Links and the City Council to explore how the new Local Healthwatch can be run;
  • Telemedicine and E–health Information Service to provide an information resource on telemedicine activity in the UK, storing data on 305 projects, 992 organisations, and 747 people.

To learn more about the University's Knowledge Exchange opportunities, please contact Purple Door.