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Bringing together a broad spectrum of knowledge, understanding and research in Sustainability and the Environment to address key societal challenges

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Global Climate Change is now undoubtedly a key societal challenge and grasping the interactions between the environment (natural, managed and built) and human populations is a global priority. Now, in the age of data and information, there are more opportunities than ever to engage with the environment and The University of Portsmouth Environment Network (UPEN) aims to capitalise on these for the benefit of society, community, business and academia.

The University has made a commitment to build on its contributions to this area through its research and educational activities. We will take a significant role in promoting environmental awareness, and in developing techniques for evaluating and improving existing and potential damage to land and marine ecosystems. We will deploy a range of approaches to developing innovative solutions to protect resources and overcome the challenges of sustainability for landscapes, buildings and communities.

More about UPEN:

At a glance

  • An interdisciplinary network facilitating environmental engagement across the University
  • 250+ members involved with environment-related teaching, research and knowledge exchange
  • A central point of contact for business, community and students to engage with sustainability & environment at Portsmouth

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