University of Portsmouth Environment Network

Aims and objectives


  • Develop the reputation of UPEN to fully support University staff and students
  • Publicise opportunities and achievements
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration between University departments
  • Encourage excellence in environment-related teaching, research and knowledge exchange



  • Raise the profile of the environment at Portsmouth at local, national and international levels
  • Increase the opportunity for interactions between specialists of different disciplines and professions
  • Strengthen environment-related collaborations within the University community and help to develop new links between academics, businesses and communities


  • Reinforce efforts to improve the environmental performance of the University
  • Actively pursue opportunities that incorporate the challenges faced by the University through carbon reduction and sustainable development
  • Extend environmental issues to the public and seek ways in which our expertise can be used more widely to benefit the regional community



  • Expand portfolio of taught programmes, particularly at postgraduate level
  • Organise and run seminars and networking events to disseminate information and generate new environment-related activity